Irish Music in Trondheim

The interest in Irish traditional music in Trondheim is poor, but was growing for a while thanks to our local "Irish" pub Dirty Nelly's Pub, who presented loads of good Irish music from March 1995 until recently. In the springtime 1996 we tried to organize a session in Dirty Nelly's Pub. One person turned up, -  myself! Later on, I had sessions now and then with visiting musicians like Dessie Adams, Serge Grando, Brendan McKeever, Daithi Rua, Eddie Sheehan and the bands "Crazy Crow", "Heritage", "Raggle Taggle Gypsies" and "Sack The Bouzouki", and everyone else, fair play to them.

One day in September 1996, a fiddler went into Dirty Nelly's and asked if there was a good bouzoukiplayer or guitarist in town. I said: "I'm not sure how good he is, but you're talking to the only person in Trondheim who knows what an Irish bouzouki is and even is in possession of one". The fiddler was Mark Gregory, an Englishman drifting along from Feakle, Co. Clare, via Teneriffe. Since then he was a regular on the Saturday afternoon sessions. Others regulars was Kerstin, when she stopped being ashamed of the bodhran, whistle- and mandolinplayer Kristian Skedsmo and Gunnar Øra. Gunnar used to be in for a few jars. When he discovered we got dicount price on beer, he bought himself a bodhran and joined. Wise guy. Anyway, he's running a very good second hand record shop in Trondheim, Nidaros Vinyl. Loads of vinyl there.
The session went on almost every Saturday for quite a while. These days, due to changes in the management, it's not often Irish music in the pub, say music at all, and traditional music is never being heard at all. So that was the end to the sessions.
If anyone out there is interested in a session, just drop me a line on e-mail and I'll see what I can do.

There are actually some others playing Irish music in Trondheim. "East Wall" has been on since the 80's. They're mostly into republican songs and drinking songs. They never reached the sessions. There's also a new promising band called "Tast of Cork".

News, August 2004.
There's started a Yahoo!Egroup (Email-group/list) for Sessions in Trondheim..
Join the group if you'd like to know about planned sessions in the Trondheim area.
Group homepage: 


Irish musicians who have played at Dirty Nelly's Pub:
Brendan McKeever - The madman from Armagh
Butterfly Band
Callura - Alex Fyfe - voc, gtr, Dessie Adams - flute
Common Ground - Skirm - voc, guitar, Brendan Monaghan, uillean pipes, whistles, guitar, vocal, Serge Grando - banjo, bouzouki
Crazy Crow - Gerry Horgan - voc, bouzouki, guitar and Steve McSweeny - accordion, whistle, tenor banjo
Daithi Rua - Singer/songwriter/guitarist from Tullamore, Co. Offaly
The Dubliners - Barney McKenna, Sean Cannon and Paddy Reily went in for a drink after their gig at Veita Scene. Barney and Sean did a few tunes and songs. Paddy was doing what he came in for.
Eddie Sheehan - Singer/songwriter/guitarist from Featherd, Co. Tipperary.
Heritage - Pat Connolly (RIP)- voc, guitar, Paul McKernan - Uillean pipes, Sheila Boylan - fiddle, Adrian McParland - bouzouki, harp, Stephen Rice - soprano sax, bass
Kieran Halpin
Loughy - Kieran O'Loughlin. Singer/songwriter/guitarist from Sixmilesbridge, Co. Clare
Lunasa - Sean Smyth, Michael McGoldrick, Donogh Hennessy, Trevor Hutchinson
Ollie O'Neill - Entertainer from Kilkenny
Raggle Taggle Gypsies
Sack The Bouzouki - Cormac Doyle (even worse madman) - voc, guitar, bouzouki, saxophone, whistle, P.J. Wallace - voc, guitar, Aidan Burke - fiddle, Jimmy - bass
Sack The Bouzouki (second edition)- Cormac Doyle (worse than ever) - John Gaughan - voc, guitar, Aidan Burke - fiddle, Conor Murphy - whistles, C Melody Saxophone
Shane McDermott - a Limerickman. Singer/guitarist. Spitting out reels and jigs from his guitar.
Skirm & Dessie Adams
Skirm & Edel Donnellan
The Sturdy Beggars - Skirm - vocal, guitar, Sean Regan - fiddle, Edel Donnellan - accordion, James Goodwin - percussions
Toss The Feathers

Musicians from other parts of the world:

Common Ground
Corner Boys
Mountain Dew